Well hello there! I’m Chrissy and I live in the beautiful city of San Diego, CA. Traveling and exploring this exquisite planet is one of my favorite things. Photography is a way to reflect on my adventures and milestones in life.

In the summer of 2015 I came home from work one day to discover my home had been robbed. Among the things that were stolen was a fire safe from the closet containing my hard drive with all of my photography on it. To this day I still feel the ache in my heart from losing pictures of family and friend’s weddings, babies, trips I had taken, loved ones who had passed away.... I quickly realized how important photographs are. They are a way to remember a laugh, an embrace, a love. A way you can hold onto your most precious memories! And they are worth the investment!

I’ve been doing photography for over 10 years and it brings me so much happiness and joy! I’m just a girl with a camera trying to see the beauty of life through a pinhole! And there is nothing more rewarding than giving you back your moment that disappeared in seconds! I look forward to joining you on your journey!